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Centre for life

First we got on the metro and took a swift walk down to the centre for life.First we went in the planatereum. After that we went to the curiosity zone it was so fun  and then we went on the 4D motion ride then we went home  well at least I did

Centre of life

On Monday we went on a trip when we got there we learned about the Earth. Did you know that the earth goes around but we don’t feel it. Then we went to a lab and learned about chemical reaction nothing went wrong so that was good. Then we had lunch after we got to have fun there was this thing were it shows what is going on i your head. Finally we got to go on a ride we got wet but it was fun

Our trip to the Centre of Life

In Miss Mulholands class we went to the Centre of Life on Monday.First of all we went on the train. There was a motion ride it was really scary for some people I tried but I thought it was terrifiing. There was also this theatre where a lady tought us about food this is one of the things she told me is never put water in a fire or it would get bigger so when it happens to you call a fire person so he can put the fire out. We saw something really rude and it was a caveman without any clothes so he is naked. We also went to this planetarium that told us about space like the moon spins around the earth. We went to the Sience lab and in the Sience lab we learned about chemical reactions. There was this curiosity zone where everyone had fun. We had lunch witch was really devine. Finally we went back on the metro.

Centre of life

On Monday the 18th of July year 3/4 went on a trip to the centre of life we had sooooo much fun. We sat down at some tables withe really lovely light they even changed colours. But anyway and we had some water. Then we made some awesome colours one of them bubbled. We had a amazing time but it’s time to go bye bye!!!!!

The Centre for Life trip

On Monday 18th July 3/4 went on a school trip to the Centre of life,it was amazing.First of all we went into the planetarium and watched something that told us all about the world.It felt like the seats were spinning round but they weren’t.Next we went to curiosity zone.In the curiosity zone we got to play round and have fun.After that we went to a sience lab.We were doing chemical reactions.We found out that if we mixed red cabbage juice with,vinegar,lemon juice,shampoo and soda it will all turn different colours.Then that we had lunch.After lunch we watch a play called the crunch.It told us about food.Finnally we went on a 4d motion ride.It was called pasithic rim.I really liked it in fact I loved it.But We got wet💦.



My school trip

My first part walking from school. The next part is going to the metro. When we got there we had water then we watched show after we had  science experiment next we had lunch after lunch we wached another show after we done a 4d motion ride.

School trip

First we got on the Metror then we worked to the centre for life. We put are pact lunch in the troly and had a good time playing with the class. We wacht a video then we had a good time of playing .


Our centre for life trip

Yesterday on Monday the 18th of July we went on an amazing school trip.

The planetarium

The planetarium was cool. The seats were comfortable and a video was being played on the ceiling.

The curiosity zone

The curiosity zone was one of my favourite parts. I stacked blocks and I built a fort out of blocks. It was so fun!

The science lab

We had science with a man and we poured different chemicals into different liquids.

The crunch

The crunch was a show that we watched and ms mulholland ate mealworms. Stewart said they tasted like chicken.

The motion ride

We went on a 4d motion ride and it was amazing! The movie was about a giant robot that was controlled by people and the robot was fighting a dinosaur.

Sadly we had to go back to school after that but we had loads of fun on the school trip and I hope to go there again.

Thanks for reading Katie:)



Centre for life trip.

On Monday we went on a centre for life trip. We went to the planetarium and we learned lots of things from that. Like on the dark side of the Earth the moons pull is weaker on the water. Then we ate our food in our packed lunches. Then we went on a 4D motion ride. Then we went back on the metro and we went back home

The Centre for life.

On Monday the 18th of July 2016 we went to the Centre for life. First we got on the metro  and my group was grace, Sarah, Jonny and my mum. Then me Eilis and Sarah were playing sweet or sour. Then we got of the metro and we walked to the centre for life their was a massive queue  finally we got in. Next we went to the planetarium we were laying back on these relaxing seats he talked about the earth and here is an interesting fact the earth is always moving.After we went to curiosity zone we could do anything in purple carpet. After that we went to a lab you had to work in a partner I was with Sarah  we had to do experiments we had vinegar red cabbage juice I forget the other stuff. We were doing chemical reaction it was very fun. Finally we went to have lunch I was very hungry. After we went to the science theatre it was all about the food groups it was very good.Next we went to the brain zone it has lost of camera it was cool. Now it’s time for the RIDE!!! It was the funesist ever it was 4d you got so wet then we went back to school.

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